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No type of apparel tells more about a person than their footwear and this is something we take to heart. We have travelled the globe in search for inspiration and knowledge to create shoes that are perfect. We realise that shoes are not just a cover for your feet but much more; your feet bear the brunt of the day’s stress when you walk and stand, thus we understand that your feet need care. Your shoes are also a deeper expression of who you are as an individual.

Les Deux shoes for men

Your choice of footwear is probably the element of your wardrobe that tells the most about you as a person. It has become a trend to wear the right shoes, which say something about your personality and your style. That is why we at Les Deux have put emphasis on making sneakers for men, that are more than just a shoe. Shoes, sneakers, sneaks - the choice of word is yours, and no matter the situation you can also use a new pair of quality shoes for the wardrobe.

Sneakers are the perfect choice for wearing on a day-to-day basis, as they are comfortable. All Les Deux shoes for men are made from the highest leather quality, and the clean design is guaranteed to fit in seamlessly in your wardrobe. Regardless if your are wearing suit pants, jeans, shorts or training pants, a pair of Les Deux sneakers will be a perfect foundation for your outfit.

Men's sneakers from Les Deux

We have focused on making nice suede shoes and leather shoes for men, so that they are comfortable to wear and looks stylish. Our Calle Shoe is perfect for any occasion, and ought to be an essential part of the modern mans wardrobe.

The fine leather and suede qualities are adapted to the combination of style and the comfort of wearing well-made shoes. If you prefer the classic and minimal black colorway we have several models for you - and if you need a new pair of crisp white sneakers you of course have the possibility to purchase that as well. Our selection includes more colorful models such as navy, green, brown, red and grey as well.

On our suede shoes metal rings are featured around the laces to maintain the durability of the shoes. To make the shoes more comfortable our soles are made from a solid rubber quality, and on the sole you will find our Les Deux logo.