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Wherever Your Road Takes You
The Journey

We’re incredibly excited to present our collection for Spring ‘24, The Journey.

The creative process for the season began with a story of three old college friends who reconnect and take a road trip together down Route 66 to L.A.

It touched upon themes of adventure, community, freedom, and following your dreams, which we recognized in our own journey as a brand.

Shot in Los Angeles and the desert around the city, the campaign highlighted the contrast of the different locations you experience on a trip, playing into the duality that’s one of our foundations.

We hope you like The Journey as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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The Collection In Brief

Comfy formal pieces reimagined for a sunshine setting, '70s & ‘90s influenced styles with a focus on lightness, and timeless streetwear in an expressive Mediterranean color scheme.

Sweats & Track:

Sweats & Track: Vintage-inspired track styles, timeless & bold jersey

Knitwear: Retro knitted cotton short-sleeved shirts in a range of weaves, breezy linen polos

Shirts & Outerwear: Light seersucker, breezy poplin, durable twill, rich jacquard, and striped cotton dobby

Pants & Shorts: : Casual & light suiting styles, co-ords, textured woven shorts, seersucker swim shorts

Jackets & Coats : Leather derbies & loafers, long-haired suede moccasins & slip-ons, retro sneakers.

Pants & Shorts : Leather Casual & light suiting styles, co-ords, textured woven shorts, seersucker swim shorts

Color Palette
A Mediterranean color scheme of ocean blues, sun-drenched yellow & ivory, deep blacks, rich burgundy, and dusty olive grove greens.

Patterns & Artwork
Portuguese tile patterns, nostalgic streetball prints, hand drawn artwork influenced by the Med, classic stripes, vintage cursive brand text.

The collection interview
Go behind the scenes with Creative Director, Mathias Jensen, as he reveals inspiration for the season, key styles, and more

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